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There is a vision for Backpacking Adventures, specifically one that pays it forward. We want to use any proceeds from Backpacking Adventures merchandise to purchase complete backpacking set ups, in pairs. When we have two complete set ups, there will be an open essay competition for a minor and....Read More

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A place to review and research some of the gear I use on the trail. Click our logo below to check it out. Thanks for taking a look at it.

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How Do You Pack?

Messy Lean-To Floow

When it comes to loading my backpack, I have been on both sides of the fence; having once been a stuff sacker, I now cram. 

What made me change? 

Is the preference to one or the other linked to your personality? 

Are people who drink their coffee black more likely to cram.

When I started backpacking and began acquiring all of my gear, I would open...Read More

Featured Picture April 2016 

Angel Sunset In The Adirondacks

Taken by Sylvia at Spruce Lake Lean-To #3

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